We are looking for a dedicated machine learning engineer with a strong mathematical background and a proven track record in real projects. You will be involved in all stages of the development process: from R&D to production. You will work with different types of data including images and video, audio, speech, and text.

A Perfect Candidate

  • Has 1+ years of experience in machine learning/data science
  • Has a good understanding of algorithms and data structures
  • Is not afraid of unsolved and challenging problems
  • Is able to read research papers and reproduce the results via prototyping of the methods.
  • Is confident in Python and its libraries (numpy, scikit-learn, pandas, seaborn, matplotlib, scipy)
  • Is strong in calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics
  • Is experienced in git
  • Is familiar with Tensorflow, Keras and/or Pytorch
  • Is a good team player and has experience in teamwork
  • Is strong in written and spoken English (at least intermediate)


Bachelor or Master degree of engineering specialties

Will be a plus

  • Ph.D. degree 
  • C++ knowledge
  • Kaggle participation
  • Experience with AWS/google cloud and/or Docker
  • Knowledge of Tensorflow.JS


    Machine Learning Engineer