After settling at new places and putting everything on the working track, we understood something was missing: we hadn’t done any educational activities for a long time…

Computer Vision for beginners

While a new edition of our trainee program is paused, we decided to offer everyone a free 4-week course on computer vision. Based on our previous practices and taught by our leading engineers, it will give you a sound knowledge base both in classical computer vision algorithms and deep learning approaches.

Who would benefit from this course? 

Students who have had their studies cut short, teachers, programmers, or anyone interested in computer vision, machine learning, and deep learning but have not yet given it a try. 

What, when, where, and how?

The course will start on April 26, 2022, with a 1-hour opening lecture followed by four 2-hour technical lectures on Thursdays until May 19, 2022. All the events will start at 4 PM UTC+3.

After registration and no later than April 24, you will receive a link to join the event. The course will be in Ukrainian and Russian.

This time, there won’t be any selection process; the course is open to everyone. We will assign a couple of home tasks during the course and invite those of our participants who provide us with promising solutions for an interview for a trainee position.

Support people in need

While the course is entirely free, we kindly ask you to support Ukrainians who have suffered from war or fearless volunteers helping civilians all across our country. We will later provide more information and gladly double your donations.

Apply before April 22

Please fill in the form below before April 22, 2022. There, we ask about your technical background to tailor the course to most listeners. 

Computer Vision for Beginners