It-Jim, founded in 2015 by a scientist, is now an R&D firm with 100+ successful projects in its portfolio and 10+ Ph.D.s on the team. The team offers consulting services and technical solutions in computer vision, image and signal processing, machine and deep learning, and augmented and mixed reality.

The company effectively caters to the needs of businesses from various industries and uses cutting-edge technologies to help them grow, thanks to experts in various disciplines such as physics, mathematics, radars, and biophysics on board.

What is unique about the team? A thorough understanding of image and signal processing theory, as well as advanced programming abilities. A combination of classical computer vision methods with various types of machine learning algorithms and cutting-edge deep learning architectures – this is exactly what is needed to deliver the best solution for a given problem based on available hardware and infrastructure. The experts develop a custom methodology for each client that perfectly meets the requirements and business needs, ensuring the robust performance of ML pipelines in production everywhere: mobile and embedded devices, cloud, and so on.

As a machine learning company, It-Jim has run 50+ ML and DL projects and constantly applies the latest achievements and state-of-the-art DL architectures in their research.

Thus, the team’s use of a pool of techniques to build various image processing solutions qualifies It-Jim as one of the top Artificial Intelligence companies in Ukraine on GoodFirms.

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GoodFirms: It-Jim Thrives by Focusing on the Intellectual Processing of Visual Information and Technical Solutions
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