It-Jim is a renowned artificial intelligence solutions provider offering a wide variety of services, including computer vision, image processing, signal processing, machine learning, and augmented and mixed reality solutions. So far, the company has 100+ successful projects in its portfolio and a highly efficient team comprising 10+ PhDs.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Ievgen Gorovyi, the CEO at It-Jim, to learn more about the company and its values.

“It-Jim is a Ukraine-based company with expertise in visual intelligence and signal processing solutions. The company’s experts possess Ph.D. degrees in various mathematical disciplines,” shared the CEO Ievgen Gorovyi. “We provide technical consulting, R&D, and custom software development services for image and video analysis issues.”

The Commencement Story

“After finishing my Ph.D. in image and signal processing, I started my career as a freelancer,”  Ievgen reveals. However,  his ambitions grew over time, and he built a company with a group of highly talented and intelligent people with an absolute focus on computer vision.

Ievgen’s team of scientists and developers is highly experienced in analyzing and researching and is backed by complex problem-solving abilities. They focus on quality solutions for multiple platforms and hardware, including mobile devices, embedded boards, and cloud-based distributed systems.

Core Focus: Strategy Development

Regarding his role in the company,  Ievgen shares that as a CEO, he focuses mainly on the strategic part: business development, anticipating the company’s growth path, analyzing trends, and more form an integral part of his profile that helps shape their ongoing growth strategy. He is also involved in technical and management-related tasks with multiple R&D and software development teams.


It-Jim’s business model consists of an in-house team of computer vision and deep learning engineers dedicated to researching, developing algorithms, and their deployment. A stickler for deadlines, the company makes sure to deliver quality solutions. The exceptional work offered by the company ensures accuracy and performance, coupled with clear communication and full-on collaboration.

Differentiating Factors

“Academic Excellence backed by solid commercial development experience in a highly complex domain such as AI makes our company stand out,” asserts Gorovyi.

In addition to the above, It-Jim offers a custom computer vision course for freshers.

The employees are chosen carefully because they work in a high-stakes arena. The junior developers often undergo two months of trainee program under the supervision of experienced professionals in this field.  This exposure allows newcomers to work on real projects during their training period.

The organization is well-focused on improving the Ukrainian CV community by providing internships and winter schools and delivering lectures to university students and IT professionals, allowing them to harness their profound skills.

The company caters to various industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Entertainment
  • Sports analytics
  • Surveillance
  • Retail

Moreover, the company’s non-exhaustive service list is long. It includes customized computer vision development, software development, iOS, and web development, deep learning solutions and deployment, extended reality (XR) development, digital signal processing research, and, last but not least technical consulting.

Incredible Customer Satisfaction Rate

Customer satisfaction is essential to It-Jim’s worldwide success in the IT sector. “Let the clients do the talking for us,” says Ievgen.  It’s no wonder happy clients have left praises for the company on the GoodFirms platform, which in a significant way, vouches for their excellent project outcomes.

“Also clear communication, R&D reports of algorithm development, business analysis, excellent product development process, and post-project support helps us create solid relationships with our clients,” he asserts.

GoodFirms Verdict

According to GoodFirms’ reviewers and analysts, It-Jim has the best team of engineers and scientists who provides unmatched experiences for excellent software solutions through artificial intelligence technology, which endows It-Jim to be among Ukraine’s top artificial intelligence companies in GoodFirms listings.

Future Plans

It-Jim plans to be a leader in computer vision for 3d development in the next ten years. The CEO reveals that the company wishes to become Metaverse’s key partner or contributor and also offer AI-based products for society.

Besides, Ievgen hopes to leave a mark in the sophisticated computer vision space for Ukraine’s community and across the globe.

To read the detailed interview with Ievgen Gorovyi, you can check GoodFirms.

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Talented Researchers Form the Backbone of It-Jim’s Incredible Computer Vision and AI Offerings: Goodfirms Interview
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