Summertime sadness has no chance this year: can summer spent as a computer vision intern has anything to do with sadness? We don’t think so!

A 1-month online full-time internship on computer vision, where you will be working on a pilot project under the guidance of It-Jim’s experts. This is our offer. Do you take it?

Before you say yes

We’ll start on July 1 and for one month will be supervising you in your work. While most of the projects that we will offer deal with computer vision, you can also choose to work on audio or speech-related tasks. The internship will be held online, full-time engagement is expected. Each intern will have their own mentor to turn to. The work will conclude in early August with a project defense. 

What’s in it for you?

Everybody has their reasons. You might want to try out the CV/ML/DL domains and understand if this is something you want to pursue further. Or add a commercial-like experience to your CV and stand out at your next job interview. Or start your career as a computer vision engineer with us. Or simply you are passionate about CV so much that you are looking for any opportunity to gain new experience and expand your horizons. 

Whatever the reason is, we’d be happy to welcome you on board.

What you should know to become an intern

Here’s a shortlist of things you should check before applying. Our intern is someone who has:

  • strong programming skills (Python or C++),
  • confident knowledge in calculus, linear algebra, and probability,
  • at least a pre-intermediate level of English, 
  • (last, but not least) strong motivation. 

Is everything here about you? Fill in the form by June 13, 2021, and wait to hear from us soon after. We’ll pay extra attention to motivation so invest some time into thinking it through. 

After the initial processing of applications, we’ll send a test task to the selected candidates. They will have one week to work on it. At the final stage, we will interview those who offered the best solutions.

A brief history of time our educational projects

This is the fifth edition of both internships and schools on computer vision that we are organizing. While we had 19 applications during the first one, over 160 people wanted to join the last launch of our internship in winter 2021.  We selected 4 interns that time, and they got to work on quite various tasks: estimation of person’s vital signs from a front phone camera, building a shazam-like engine, floor segmentation, and real-time background replacement in images. This year, the set of projects is going to be no less intriguing 😉

To sum up


It-Jim’s Summer Internship on Computer Vision