For us, summer 2020 wasn’t just about washing our hands more thoroughly than usual, but also about the very successful second edition of our internship on computer vision.

First announced in May 2020, this edition of internship managed to attract almost 60 applications from not just Ukraine, but also Germany, Belgium, and India. We were truly excited to receive three times more applications than last year. After the initial pre-selection, we have conducted 35 interviews with potential candidates and chosen 15 best applicants to become our interns. The Covid-19 had its consequences on the format of the internship: we mixed the offline mode of studying with the online one to ensure everybody’s safety. We have also combined theoretical talks with the supporting workshops that included the practical implementations of the concepts from lectures and weekly homework reviews. The material was delivered by our super experienced team: Ievgen Gorovyi, CEO, PhD, Pavlo Vyplavin, CTO, PhD, and Yurii Chyrka, ML/DL Team Lead, PhD.

The course program consisted of two major modules, one month long each: 

  • classical computer vision, 
  • machine learning and deep learning algorithms for computer vision tasks. 

We started with the basics in image understanding and processing and gradually paved the way through image matching, object detection and tracking towards image content description and feature crafting, the bridge between the classical computer vision and machine learning. In the second half of the course, we covered different types and classical algorithms of machine learning, as well as neural networks basics, the evolution of convolutional neural networks, and the most popular architectures. A detailed description of the course program can be found here.

As part of the homework, interns were suggested to solve a bunch of typical computer vision tasks. Supervised by It-Jim’s experts, they gained experience in basic image manipulations, pattern detection and recognition, tracking objects in video, image retrieval and classification, feature crafting for machine learning, transfer learning, semantic segmentation. Our interns became familiar with the most popular DL frameworks: Keras+Tensorflow and Pytorch. 

We have always paid a great deal of attention to the growth of the Ukrainian CV community and done our best to replenish it with high-skilled engineers. We have no doubts that our graduates will keep on rocking and definitely succeed as computer vision professionals.  

Last, but not least, If you are interested in mastering computer vision, yet missed our internship this year, be sure to visit our website to find the announcement of the second winter school and the third edition of the summer internship next year! You can also follow us on social media and stay tuned to what we offer:

The Second Edition of It-Jim’s Summer Internship: 8 and 1/2 Weeks of Diving into Computer Vision