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Who We Are

Launched in 2015 by a scientist, today It-Jim is an R&D company with 100+ successful projects in the portfolio and 10+ Ph.D.s on the team. We provide consulting services focused on the intellectual processing of visual information and technical solutions in computer vision, image and signal processing, machine and deep learning, augmented and mixed reality

With experts in various disciplines including Physics, Mathematics, radars, Biophysics on board, we effectively cater to the needs of businesses from different industries and use cutting-edge technologies to help them grow.  

At It-Jim, you will find a lot of things combined:

a deep understanding of the image and signal processing theory with advanced programming skills
classical methods of computer vision with different types of machine learning algorithms and state-of-the-art deep learning architectures
technical consulting and custom software development
respect for negotiated deadlines and requirements with solutions well-balanced in terms of accuracy, performance and computational resources
active participation in professional and scientific conferences with an extensive educational program that includes internships, schools, courses, and meetups

We are big fans of computer vision and do our best to share this passion with others.


Meet the Team

Ievgen Gorovyi
Founder and CEO, PhD

Ievgen’s passion for challenges helps It-Jim in finding exciting projects from various industries. As a former prominent scientist, he serves as a technical leader for multiple engineering teams. Such business and technology synergy helps to build a long-term R&D strategy in computer vision, machine learning, and related fields.


Pavlo Vyplavin

Pavlo’s scientific experience for over 15 years and Ph.D. degree in signal processing helps him to drive technological development at It-Jim. He is responsible for the management of R&D teams, the creation of infrastructure for new computer vision and machine learning pipelines as well as for project delivery for clients all over the world. Moreover, Pavlo regularly participates at various AI events as a speaker and mentor.

Daryna Pesina

Daryna’s ability to get things done drives the successful execution of strategies developed by the top management team. She runs day-to-day operations and oversees the processes in the company. As a former scientist with extensive experience in international collaboration and conference organizing, Daryna is proficient in managing work with contractors and partners and leading the company’s educational projects. 

Head of ML
Yurii Chyrka
Head of ML, PhD

Yurii is a chief architect of It-Jim’s machine learning and deep learning solutions. His 10+ years of R&D experience and dozens of successfully completed projects of different scale help to control and support a full cycle of AI project development. In addition, Yura is a key speaker in multiple educational projects in the machine learning field. 


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