We are looking for an experienced and dedicated data scientist with a strong mathematical background, ability to solve challenging technical problems using machine learning and deep learning in image and video processing domains. Key responsibilities are the development of ML/DL models for the analysis of visual information (object detection and recognition, object tracking, image segmentation), reading and implementation of state-of-the-art papers, R&D activities.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Experience in developing ML/DL models in popular frameworks (Tensorflow, Keras,  Pytorch) 
  • 2+ years experience in Python 
  • Experience with Ubuntu (1+ years) 
  • Strong mathematical background: linear algebra, calculus, statistics
  • Strong communication skills and teamwork experience
  • Good written and spoken English 
  • R&D experience (2+ years)
  • Strong motivation and ability for fast learning


Master or Ph.D. degree

Will be a plus

  • Research papers
  • Participation in Kaggle
  • Experience with state-of-the-art deep learning architectures
  • Experience with AWS/google cloud and/or Docker
  • Git knowledge
  • C++ knowledge (CMake, ninja, STL, boost)


    Deep Learning Engineer