Computer Vision

Being one of the most exciting AI fields, computer vision is a multidisciplinary area that deals with intelligent processing of visual information. It is behind the scenes of fingerprint recognition and biometrics in your smartphone, automated translation from an image, automotive safety, streamlined visual inspection of mass production, and many other fascinating tasks. Here, at It-Jim, we are passionate about computer vision R&D and engineering. Do you want to know why?

Computer Vision Engineering from A to Z

How would you call a person that combines a deep understanding of the image and signal processing theory with advanced programming skills? We call him an It-Jim engineer. Here are the top reasons why you should consider working with us: 

  • Our extensive academic background and solid practical experience help us to identify a best-fit solution for your business problem. We can efficiently handle technical challenges of any complexity and  offer our clients all kinds of  computer vision engineering: from technical consulting and algorithm construction to custom computer vision software development.
  • Team’s overwhelming R&D experience with 300+ scientific publications, 10+ best paper awards at international conferences and symposia and lots of plenary and regular talks delivered.
  • From mobile devices and embedded boards up to distributed systems in the cloud, our dedicated team integrates high-quality computer vision solutions into various platforms and hardware.
  • Our computer vision research  is based on the fusion of traditional approaches (feature extraction, image filtering, image matching) with different types of machine learning algorithms: neural networks, SVM, decision trees and up to state-of-the-art deep learning architectures.
  • From semantic and instance segmentation, object detection and recognition, multiple object tracking, 3D vision and reconstruction to abnormality detection and biometric identification of animals – any type of your image and video analysis tasks are covered.
  • With image being the most popular way of 2-dimensional data representation, it does not really matter what is the origin: optical camera, radar, IR or X-ray device. We can  extract the hidden knowledge from visual data of any nature, sensors and conditions.
  • We  deliver computer vision development and consulting services for any type of business (from small machine vision startups to global corporations) and a substantial majority of industries including healthcare, entertainment, automotive, sports, retail, manufacturing, real estate, security and surveillance, agriculture, gaming, building construction, or quality inspection.

It-Jim: Computer Vision Hub in Eastern Europe

It-Jim is more than computer vision research and engineering only. Here are the key reasons making us stand out from other companies working in the computer vision:

  • We pay a great deal of attention to Ukrainian CV community growth and development by regularly holding internships and winter schools, presenting lectures for students at the universities and delivering tutorials at the academic conferences. 
  • You can find us among invited speakers at prestigious AI/ML/CV conferences.
  • We constantly share interesting practical cases at our applied computer vision meetups.  
  • We are proud of the system of education inside the company. From trainee to advanced developer, we continuously contribute to the engineer’s growth. 

Computer Vision Tools and Technologies

Delivering well-balanced computer vision solutions in terms of performance and accuracy, as well as project duration and cost, requires appropriate technologies and practical skills in development and implementation. Our tools include but are not limited to:

  • Programming languages: Python, C/C++, Java, MATLAB, JS
  • Mobile: TF Lite, Java/Kotlin, Obj C/Swift
  • Frameworks and libraries: OpenCV, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Keras, NumPy, Scikit-learn, Pandas, Dlib
  • Embedded vision: CUDA, TRT, DLA

Start Your Success Story with It-Jim

Are you seeking a company that provides computer vision consulting services or computer vision software development with clear communication and respect for the deadlines? We are here to hear you out and provide you with an expert’s evaluation. Our qualified team with solid expertise is at your service – just email us your idea for a computer vision-based solution.  

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    Computer Vision