Month: May 2017

Real-Time System for Indoor User Localization and Navigation using Bluetooth Beacons

Real-time user positioning and navigation services are widely used daily by millions of people. The challenge is that common global positioning systems fail in indoor environment or in scenes with a limited sky view. In the paper, the indoor navigation framework based on the Bluetooth beacons is proposed. Such system allows user to obtain the position in GPS denied environment on a real-time basis.

Pattern Detection and Recognition in SAR Images

Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is a powerful tool for remote sensing of the Earth surface. In the paper, several applications of pattern detection and recognition algorithms for extraction of information from SAR images are discussed. In particular, an idea of usage of optical flow techniques for automatic estimation of the moving target displacements from a sequence of single-look SAR images is proposed. It is shown, how this technique can be adopted for SAR imagery.