Month: September 2017

Advanced Image Tracking Approach for Augmented Reality Applications

Augmented reality is popular and rapidly growing direction. It is successfully used in medicine, education, engineering and entertainment. In the paper, basic principles of typical augmented reality system are described. An efficient hybrid visual tracking algorithm is proposed. The approach is based on combining of the optical flow technique with direct tracking methods. It is demonstrated that developed technique allows to achieve stable and precise results. Comparative experimental results are included.

Framework for Real-Time User Positioning in GPS Denied Environments

In the paper, a system for real-time positioning is proposed. Developed signal processing algorithms for precise user localization and navigation are described. It is demonstrated that proper calibration and received signal filtering leads to improvement of positioning accuracy. Peculiarities of Bluetooth Low Energy beacons as signal sources are considered. Key components of the created software development kit are described. Experimental results of testing on mobile platforms are given.

Biological Cells Segmentation
Biological Cells Segmentation

The task of accurate cell segmentation is essential for cellular biology and single-cell analysis, as well as for studying biological processes as a whole. In biomedical image processing, this includes reconstruction of microscopy images, foreground segmentation, cell detection, cellular compartments and organelles segmentation. Despite the tremendous progress in microscopy cell imaging and numerous segmentation methods, accurate segmentation and reliable characterization of cells remain challenging tasks that usually require problem-specific tailoring of algorithms.