The competition on the world market of smartphones and tablets between the acknowledged leaders on one side and the numerous newcomers on the other makes them all look for new solutions that open additional opportunities for the developers and customers without the growth of the price. The progress with new opportunities turns possible when it happens simultaneously in the software and the hardware. The brightest one example of the above statement can be observed for the sensors of mobile devices. It is totally impossible to imagine modern smart devices having no sensors, as the progress of last decade (SLAM, face ID, OCR, pattern recognition etc.) was achieved thanks to considerable improvements of sensors and the algorithms for their processing. The paper addresses the questions of
characteristics analysis of such mobile sensors as accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope from the point of view of their application in indoor navigation field. Signals of BLE beacons and their processing methods are investigated as well. The sensor fusion task is briefly discussed and several practical examples are given.

Data Processing Methods for Mobile Indoor Navigation